Holiday Tips: Portion Control

Earlier this fall, I asked friends to share with me their holiday struggles! My present to all of you this holiday season are healthy holiday survival tips to help get you through the season without packing on the pounds.

I'll be tackling some of the holiday struggles my friends shared including: portion control, drinking, making time for exercise, snacking, the drinks, appetizers, and more!! Stay tuned to the blog for tips and tricks for your healthiest holiday season yet!

First up, let's tackle portion control:

The best tip I can give is to arrive to a party or meal, hungry but not starved! Skipping meals leading up to a party is kind-of like a set-up for failure. Instead have a filling breakfast like whole wheat toast with avocado, grab a light lunch – like some broth-based soup, and an afternoon snack like a handful of nuts or a whole grain granola bar. This way you’ll arrive to the party, hungry – but not starved!  

Hydrate! Sip water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Even mix it up with unsweetened teas, herbal teas, or naturally flavored seltzer water. Then, at parties and gatherings consider the calories that you’re drinking! Calories from drinks can pile up in a hurry (stay tuned for a holiday drink tips sheet... coming soon!). If you are throwing the party, have lower calorie and a mix of non-alcoholic drink options on hand like naturally flavored seltzer water!

Lastly, food and celebrations do bring us together – focus on enjoying the time with family and friends instead of focusing on the food! To help focus on time together, try these quick tips:

- Play a fun game to help shift the focus away from food and instead having time together!

- Get moving and take together, take a walk, hike, or play a game of football.

- Keep the food in one area and skip little bowls of snacks throughout the house to help everyone cut down on mindless snacking!

Wishing you and yours a healthy and happy holiday season! Stay tuned for more tips!!

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