Since 2005 Creative Nutrition Solutions has been working with Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, athletes, schools, brands, and the media on nutrition focused content and programs.  

Our Mission

To work with our clients to design, develop, and deliver nutrition focused programs and content that increase nutrition knowledge, support athletic performance, enhance access to healthy food, and/or improve population health. 


  • Food & Nutrition (Domestic & International)
    • Including: recipe development, program design/development, nutrient analysis, nutrition education tools, newsletter content
  • Team & Athletes
    • Including: custom workshops, individual consultations, cooking/nutrition programming
  • Brand & Products
    • Including: recipe development, content development, blog posts, media appearances
  • Custom Projects & Presentations
    • Designed to meet your company specific needs

Food is fuel.
— Molly Morgan, Owner of Creative Nutrition Solutions