Molly Shares Tips with Fuel For Fire

Molly is continuously trying new products! One of her latest picks are Fuel for Fire pouches. These pouches are great thanks to their portability plus their nutrition benefits including that they are fruit and vegetable-based plus paired with quality protein. Pictured here is one of Molly's favorite flavors: Tropical Smoothie. 

Check out some of her tips on the Fuel for Fire website: and check out more about this product on the Fuel2Win blog

Note: Product samples were provided but this post is not an advertisement. 

Mindful Merrymaking with Family Times

Looking for healthier holiday tips, ideas, and recipes? Check out Molly's article in the Family Times! 

The holiday season is filled with traditions, fun memories, and lots of food and drinks. Then right around the corner is the New Year, along with resolutions, which are often tied to eating healthier and losing weight. The good news is that there is no need to give up all of your holiday favorites. Rather than depriving yourself, use these tips to adjust your menu, stay mindful, and get active throughout the holiday season.

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