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Below are a clips from segments and the Visual MD Project, featuring Molly; where she shares cooking, nutrition, and weight loss tips!

Visual MD Project Videos: Probiotics, Fat as Energy, Balanced Diet
Print & Online

Molly’s writes for, designs meal plans & recipes and shares her food & nutrition expertise with numerous media outlets. She is a regular blogger for and designed the meal plans and recipes for The Cosmo Bikini Diet. Additionally her expertise has been used on numerous Web sites, blogs and print publications. 

11 Ways to Satisfy and Snack Craving - Fitness Republic (January 2015)

Fuel Up Before and After Competition - NYSPHSAA (December 2014)

8 Ways to Prevent Any Type of Cancer - Men's Health (November 2014)

A Healthy Gut is Key to Weight Loss - Muscle and Fitness (September 2014)

6 Questions Every Man Should Ask His Doctor - US News & World Reports (June 2014)

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America's Top 5 Diets - ACE (May 2014)

Junk Food Swaps for Every Craving - Redbook (May 2014)

Skinny Cocktails for Any Occasion - EverydayHealth (June 2014)

Healthier Game Day Snacks - Men's Fitness (February 2014)

6 Nutty Snacks that Won't Make You Fat - Men's Fitness (December 2013)

Make Thanksgiving Leftovers Disappear - Men's Fitness (November 2013)

5 Ways to Cook with Fresh Herbs - Men's Fitness (August 2013)

Belly Flattening Foods - Redbook (July 2013)

Tips for a Healthy Vacation - Toronto Sun (June 2013)

Mommy Timesavers - (February 2013)

When's The Right Time to Rehydrate with Coconut Water - Men's Fitness (February 2013)

Training for a Spring Race - Fitness Magazine (January 2013)

10 Things Trainers Wish You Knew About Your Workout - Real Simple Magazine (2012)

Follow Rules, Slim Down - USA Weekend Magazine (March 2011)

Antioxidants - Today's Dietitian (May 2011)

And for links to more articles from the archive, click on the following publication titles to read the full article: Bicycling Magazine,,, Fitness Magazine,Ottawa Sun, Runner's World, Times Union, Today's Dietitian, Yahoo! Shine.

Radio & Podcasts

Molly has been a frequent in-studio and call-in guest for radio programming, sharing information and tips on: sports nutrition, weight loss, and cooking. 

She has appeared on national radio programs, including: CNN, Newswire, the USA Network, and the Ron Seggi Show.  Molly has also appeared on local stations from San Jose and Denver, to Atlanta and Baltimore, and she appears regularly on stations near her home in Upstate New York.

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Radio Nutrition: Skinny-Size It 

Vicky and Jen - What Really Matters Podcast: Energize with Food

Vicky and Jen - What Really Matters Podcast: The Skinny Rules

Listen to Molly talking with Dr. Alvin Jones, select play on the screen below!

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